First post!

I've gone & started a blog. We'll see how this pans out.

In any case, I don't quite have readily-available musings to blog about yet. Just some recent momentum spurred by refreshing my personal site; momentum enough to (temporarily??) surpass insecure misgivings about posting my thoughts for the world to see [read: ignore 🤷‍♂️].

Surely, it will be rare if I do get around to writing things.

A start may be to writeup the talk I'll give soon at Strange Loop 2022

Moebius Strip I, M.C. Escher

Talk Preview #

As my first external technical conference talk, inescapably, I'm anxious.

If all goes well, I'll transcribe the talk contents in blog form afterwards.

For now, a small snippet of Lua code previewing a queue-centric algorithm:

-- reject unless (ARGV[6]==client_bin_idx) <= working_bin
if tonumber(ARGV[6]) > working_bin then
if hmset_idx > 1 then"HMSET", shop_queue_key, unpack(hmset_args))
return "reject," .. tostring(working_bin)


Wow, you've read the thing! If you found it useful, feel free to share the article or ping me on Twitter to discuss it further 💖.